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Several things:

"Hey, I’m Jared Padalecki.” Jared what are you doing? Whatever it is, it’s making me laugh.

Fucking Misha looks like he’s trying not to have a giggle fit, much like myself after Jared’s fucking head nod to the last bit of his name. 

And freaking Jensen is just like, “I’m Jensen Ackles and I’m a fucking professional.”

This giftset is like the perfect representation of a J2M panel.

Jared looks like a sassy gay porn star, Misha is trying not to laugh and Jensen is like: “I’m Jensen Ackles and you are my bitches”

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Okay story time. I assumed the audio was gonna be Sharp Dressed Man and decided to download it from tumblr without listening to it

And my mom had some friends over so she took my phone to play music. She finds Sharp Dressed Man and says “OMG THIS IS MY JAM EVRYONE SHUTUP.” Everyone quiets down then this shit starts to play and everyone is looking at her and sHES JUST STANDING THERE LIKE AN IDIOT AND IM IN THE OTHER ROOM JUST FUCKING DYING AND SHE JUST KINDA SITS BACK DOWN AND TURNS THE MUSIC OFF AND ITS LIKE DEAD SILENT FOR 5 MINUTES

Was that Tobuscus

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